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Hemostatic Biodhesives and Medical Sealants

The Need 

Biadhesives are materials which bind tissues together to allow proper healing in wound closure applications, as well to provide sealing effect, i.e. prevent gas or fluid leakage from the tissue. Although the interest in these materials has increased in recent decades, the currently available solutions do not combine proper bonding strength, sealing ability and desired physical properties with biocompatibility.

Our Solution

The natural polymeric solution

Novel biadhesives based on the natural polymers gelatin and alginate, and crosslinked by carbodiimide, have been developed and studied by us. The combination of these three materials resulted in a dual crosslinked network which enables high strength, excellent sealing ability and biocompatibility.

In addition, these bioadhesives are biodegradable, convenient for use, flexible and penetrable for cell migration and invasion. The viscosity and gelation time are controllable, which make them suitable for various specific soft tissue applications. Excellent in-vivo results were obtained in a porcine skin model.

Simplicity of the whole concept is achieved when a double barrel syringe is used for the application of these bioadhesives.

dual crosslinked network

Unique Composite Formulations

are achieved when loading the basic formulations with  functional additives

  • Hemostatic agent incorporation induces hemostatic affects, increases the sealing ability and therefore enhances the overall function in a hemorrhagic environment.

  • Hydroxyapatite incorporation enables hard tissue applications, such as assembly of small bone fragments.

The structure of fibers loaded bioadhesive matrix
  • Fiber incorporation enhances the sealing ability and decreases the gelation time and swelling, which makes the bioadhesive extremely suitable for certain applications.

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